Gift Ideas for the Selfish Writer in Your Life (Even if That’s Just You)

Alright, so maybe the writer in your life isn’t selfish. But it’s almost certain that they feel that way from time to time, so don’t feel too bad if the thought has also crossed your mind. Writing is an emotionally demanding task, and I mean truly demanding in the sense that it subjects you toContinue reading “Gift Ideas for the Selfish Writer in Your Life (Even if That’s Just You)”

10 Hesitant Tips for the Anxious Writer

Fun fact about writing: it can be used as a calming, meditative tool. Not so fun fact about writers: they are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses, particularly anxiety disorders. And since we tend to treat writing like our job, sometimes writers start to see writing as a stressful, rather than meditative practice. WhenContinue reading “10 Hesitant Tips for the Anxious Writer”

Where to Submit: Black History Month

  Whether you’re submitting now or focusing on reading, check out these awesome publications that promote artists of color. And, of course, happy Black History Month! Aaduna seeks emerging writers and visual artists whose work gravitates towards the experimental and innovative. At the core of their publication is a mission to provide a publication venue for artistsContinue reading “Where to Submit: Black History Month”

Where to submit: February 2018

Love is in the air, or so they say. I figure if people are going to have a little more love in their hearts this month, then it’s a good time as any to submit. Perhaps an editor who’s been looking for poetry in all the wrong places will fall in love with my work.Continue reading “Where to submit: February 2018”

OMISSIONS: the little darlings we kill

  As some of you may know, my first book, Life’s Too Short, is being released this month(!!!) So for this round of OMISSIONS, I thought it would be interesting to share with you one of the stories I ultimately cut from the series to make it a more cohesive collection. I’ve heard so manyContinue reading “OMISSIONS: the little darlings we kill”

7 Journals You Should Submit to: January 2017

Yes, we should all aspire to be writing, writing, writing, but sometimes in a rare moment, a piece is complete. Whether it has been polished to gleaning perfection, or you’re making the same cuts and uncuts, changing the color of the sunset/cat/noun from tangerine to cantaloupe back to tangerine, sometimes you gotta just be theContinue reading “7 Journals You Should Submit to: January 2017”