Life’s Too Short

“Loria Mendoza’s writing sings, sizzles, and leaps into the reader’s consciousness like sparks from a fire. Hers is a singular talent, and reading these stories is a true and potent pleasure.”

–Carolina de Robertis, author of The Gods of Tango

“There’s a ferocious honesty in Loria Mendoza’s work that we don’t have nearly enough of these days. No posturing here. No dressing anything up to make it something it isn’t. And she asks the questions we all ask but maybe don’t always articulate out loud. “But who’s to say what love is?” a character asks. “For all I know it’s the cyst in my cheekbone throbbing under my fingertips.” That about says it, doesn’t it? Life’s too Short is no-holds-bar collection of hard-won truth. And did I mention it is funny as hell?”

 –Peter Orner, author of Am I Alone Here?

“Loria Mendoza writes with fire and guts. There is an urgent and searching quality to the stories in Life’s Too Short, and her prose imparts that urgency to her reader. Her words are alive and remind us with each syllable, so are we.”
–Iris Smyles, author of Dating Tips for the Unemployed

“Loria Mendoza brings both an original voice and a keen eye to the art of fiction.  Her work surprises and engages.  She is a talent to be reckoned with and, as a former student of mine, I am pleased and proud to have her work out in the world.  Read her.  You will think, see and feel differently.”

–Michael Krasny, KQED

Available now from 14 Hills Press