Mi casa es tu casa

Hi, I’m Loria Mendoza,
author, curator, and creative event producer.

You might know me as one of the co-founders of POV Studio ATX, the curator, producer, and host of Red Light Lit Austin, or from a reading where I shared a poem or a story. I’m a queer Chicanx writer and performance artist from Austin, Texas. My pronouns are they/them/she. I have a BA from Swarthmore College with an Honors major in English and an Honors minor in Political Science. I like odd jobs and odd knowledge, so after college I worked a bunch of service jobs and learned how to make my own beer. I raised chickens and made pottery. I acted in a play and played in a band. For five minutes I thought I wanted to be a lawyer so I took the LSAT and immediately had a panic attack. I realized I needed to be creative to thrive. I wrote a novella and applied to creative writing programs. I earned an MA in English: Creative Writing and MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. I wrote a book of short stories and it won an award. I wrote a novel that I finished at least a dozen times only to decide it wasn’t really finished after all. I wrote a book of poetry and have been trying to publish it ever since in my spare time. I teach creative workshops from performance to creative writing at POV Studio ATX, which I co-founded with my partner in July 2021. My work explores trauma, grief, embodiment, and being. Sometimes I make music, or macrame, or plants grow, or water overboil. I also perform burlesque and assist my partner in photographing events around Austin. I have a rabbit and a small dog.